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Monday, August 11, 2008

Grownups Doing Open Source

Well, in response to [ this ]...

- We're using Hadoop and HBase every day, in production. We'd talk more about it, but haven't had much time.
- We'll be contributing some pretty useful code for backing up HBase that can also be used for importing and exporting data from other systems. In our case we used it for importing data that had lived in a MySQL table into HBase, and use it for live backups.
- I've been working on some even cooler applications of Hadoop which you may hear about in the near future.

HBase has a lot of advantages for certain problems, and absolutely none for a lot more. It weirds me out that several companies have deployed HBase into production without a way to back it up or monitor it's health and performance. We took a little more time to work out a very bare bones - but reliable - method to back it up and have several different monitors on it.

So the quickie beatoff in the blogosphere can begin. [Mahalo] has been running HBase in production for a while now, on top of Hadoop's HDFS.

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