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Monday, March 27, 2006

Throat Mics for Radios

Now, especially for tactical applications, you can't go wrong with a throat microphone. A throat mic sits the microphone(s) right on your windpipe, which makes them much more resistant to outside noise. The worst throat mic will beat out a boom mic any day of the week for paintball, airsoft, or CQB training. The downside is that most throat mics are made for high end military/law enforcement radios. Thankfully there is at least one company that makes a broader range of throat mic products. Iasus makes models ranging from $20 to $200 that work with not only high end radios but small "family" radios like the Motorola Talkabouts.

I'm currently waiting on my order, so we will see how good SoundRite's service is. They do carry the accessories such as PTT button and throat mic strap for the Iasus products, just email them and ask.

[SoundRite's Store]

It's important to know what type of connector your radio uses before ordering, as not every connector can be adapted to every other. Iasus provides a table of compatible radios [here]

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