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Monday, March 28, 2005

Java Cryptography Extension 1.4.2 Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy for Mac OS X

From the [Cryptix] OpenPGP README:
The default distribution of the JCE allows as Sun calls it 'strong, but
limited strength cryptography'. This basically means that you cannot use RSA
keys bigger than 2048 bits, and no symmetric ciphers that use more than 128
bits. ElGamal is not allowed at all, thus DH/DSS cannot be used for

This holds true for most non-Sun crypto providers (Cryptix and BouncyCastle are what I have been working with). While there are install instructions for other platforms, the Mac OS X install works slightly differently.
Instructions for enabling “unlimited” JCE crypto on Mac OS 10.3.x [here]
(Thanks to the infamous Vinnie for hosting the MacCrypto forum, no matter how low the traffic is)
If you are working with JCEs on Mac OS X, you'll also be interested in [this document from Sun] on the file, which on Mac OS X is located at:


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