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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Venice-Marina Christmas Run

The race turned out a lot better than I expected. Like the 5k last year, the start was very slow. I was near the back of the pack, and between the horn of the start and actually starting to move was about 2-3 minutes. Everyone was so close together than we started moving as a shuffle, then slowly to a walk, and finally just after we passed the starting line, a very slow jog.

After being sick for most of November, I had fully expected to walk a lot of the race. I was aiming to finish, not to get a particularly good time. After the first mile I felt OK, and I knew the course wouldn't hold too many surprises (all of my training has been on the same paths, the race is right around where I live). I kept going. Mile 3 came pretty quickly, though between miles 3 and 4 I had a rough time. I kept going though. I figured that if I really had to, I could slow down up ahead around mile 5, though at that point I knew that if I started walking my muscles would seize up pretty quickly and it would be hard to get going again. So I kept on going. In the final mile I felt pretty good, and unlike most of the people there I knew exactly where I was and how far the finish was. I knew when I could push myself harder.

I ended up finishing in 1:00:57, according to the preliminary results. For my first 10k race, I'm pretty happy with how I did, especially since I ran a negative split the whole way (meaning I kept going faster, rather than slowing down).

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