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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Long Beach Triathlon

Today my brother and sister in law did the [Long Beach Triathlon] as a relay, where each of us did one sport, handing off a timing device along the way. Elaine took the swim and did very well, finishing before any of us thought she would. My brother had a very respectable time on the bike, though he was too tooled up from cycling to run in the transition area to me. I had a very good run, though it was all yet again on concrete which wasn't fun. I used the Triax Elite during the race, and 2 months of training with it along with [Coach Benson's] guidance from last week enabled me to get what might be my personal best for a 5K.

It was a nice change from the completely jacked up run last week at Malibu. Earlier in the week the split timing breakdowns were posted, and it turned out I didn't do nearly as badly as I thought overall, though I still did screw up the run. The problems I had at Malibu were almost certainly from overtraining.

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