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Thursday, August 05, 2004

The way home

Monday I got up early after falling asleep early, finished packing up and tried to get a cab from the Boardwalk to the nearest Wells Fargo, only to wait 45 minutes with no cab. For my entire stay it was almost impossible to get a cab at Boardwalk, walking over to Paris worked out a lot better for me. In the two years since I had last been to Vegas the traffic on the strip has increased considerably, and with that the cost of getting anywhere by cab. According to several of the cab drivers I talked to, this was due to Southern Californians who were driving in town, blocking intersections as they tried to turn left. I saw this behavior all over the place.

The sheer number of SoCal people in Vegas even on a Monday was daunting. Nearly all of the people in Vegas were very friendly, outgoing, and courteous - natives and out of towners alike. Except the SoCal people, who you could easily pick out. They were very obviously the center of their own universes, and it showed. I won't go into that, but needless to say it's made Vegas a much less pleasant place to visit.

I checked out, tried the cab thing again, and ended up walking to Paris and getting one there. After the bank I spent some time in Gameworks, got caught in a rain shower, and made my way to Mandalay, where I hoped to see Shark Reef. Unfortunately that would have taken to long to assure I could get through security at the airport later, so I ended up at the Luxor playing more video games after winning lots of quarters at slots.

Flying back was short but tiring, and I ended up reserving a rental car while I was in the baggage claim at LAX. Now I've got a Taurus I don't much care for, and parking in Venice is still a pain without a reserved space.

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