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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Terminal velocity

Relationships. You meet someone, go out a few times, do all the standard stuff. Movies, dinner, the usual.
Wrong. The standard model is far too one-size-fits all. It's no wonder that so many people are in unhappy relationships. A long time ago I started to realize that The Standard Model wasn't for me. And since then I've noticed some things about the relationships I've been in, and what those things say about who I am and what kind of people I'm attracted to.
Needless to say, meeting the kinds of women I should find myself with isn't easy. They don't grow on trees ya know. But occasionally you find yourself talking to a complete stranger and finding out that something you didn't need yesterday you need today. And tomorrow.

In the age of globalization however, that doesn't always mean what you need is close by. And that's frustrating. Suddenly you find someone you really like and appreciate, but they are out of reach.

You just have to find ways to make it work.

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