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Friday, July 02, 2004

Session 280: Rowdybus Rendezvous

"Andreas! Rendez-SPEW me!"
I can only imagine the false alarms that had Stanford SETI searchers scratching their heads as we passed their dish on the 280 with several AirPort nodes broadcasting from the bus back to SF. 30 drunk geeks with laptop sharing Sesame Street videos over ad hoc 802.11 networks and iChat made for a very interesting ride back from Apple HQ.
What do we learn from the rowdybus session? Wear pants.

The party at Apple HQ was a lot of fun, even if it took us forever to get there. There was a line for the Company Store all night, free beer (Guinness, Harp, and many others) and food. Jimmy Eats World played a very long set for us, and we all got to schmooze and watch magicians perform tricks.

I ran into someone I knew in high school back in NJ, which was strange. I was talking to a coworker in front of the Apple Cafe and looked over...
"What are YOU doing here?!"
And it turned out that he was on the Finder team now.

Most of my friends from the old QD3D/QT days are now managers. Nick is back at Apple, Chris is a manager at his company. More and more I think I want to be a senior engineer forever. While I seem to be able to lead people - sometimes disastrously - I'd rather be writing code than dealing with company bullshit and politics.

But a week away from the office, in the "real world" of the tech industry, and I'm feeling the ripcord in my hand. What color is your parachute?

And I still have 5 gmail invites to give out, envy me!

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