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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Saturday Sessions

This morning I played phone tag with the dealership before finding out that the problem isn't with the engine, it's just as I feared, the transmission. It looks as though my Honda is going to require a third replacement transmission, at only 84,000 miles. It seems the Civic HX transmissions only last 30,000 miles or so. On Monday I find out just what's going on and wether Honda will pay for all or part of it. I'm almost certainly going to have to fly back to LA, rent a car for the week there, and fly back over the weekend to pick up the car. If Honda won't pay for any of it, I'm going to have to consider just selling it back to the dealer and getting something else in LA.

Some of the best t-shirts spotted so far:
"I rooted your girlfriend's box without using a trojan"
"guys dig chicks that write recursive algorithms"
"Why don't you just go cry about it in your live journal?"
"Hacker chicks don't use live journal"
Almost nobody has mediums though.

Bob Morris cancelled the talk I was going to go to, and Mitnick just walked by. Ah, celebrity hacker spotting. I've yet to cDc'ers though.
And as usual, Freak is surrounded by hot chicks whenever I see him. Last time I spotted him he was hanging with Irvine Underground. Missed all the sessions yesterday, and Meet the Fed today.

Picked up 2 cards that look like they're Apple Airport cards, for $1 each from Bodoman. He's got some other cool stuff this year, like USMC issue Newton cases, which would make an awesome drop leg holster for the Newton (the camo, though, kinda sucks). Also snagged a smartcard reader, and the PCMCIA GPS he has is tempting. I was hoping he'd have some Bluetooth goodies, but it doesnt look like he does. I ended up also getting a Bob-L-Bee backpack, since my MountainSmith pack for the laptop hasn't been quite cutting it. Their smaller, laptop-specific bags are awesome, but the bag I have is the only one that will fit a 15" laptop and unfortunately it's not really made for it. I used to have a BC Office model with the Strapettes, but sadly it didn't work for the G4. The Bob-L-Bee feels pretty good with a heavy load, and I had been looking at getting one anyway for bike commuting.

Right now I'm in the "better than life" session, which is covering neurological hacking - biofeedback and other things. Earlier I went to the PDTP session, which discussed a new alternative to BitTorrent.

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