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Monday, July 12, 2004

Plane, trains, and...

It started in the parking garage of the MTA Gateway building. I ran with two packs down through Union Station and to the train. 11 hours later I made it into Oakland only to find that there was no BART station at Jack London Square. That resulted in a bus ride across downtown Oakland, which at 10pm on a Sunday was surprisingly quiet.

20 minutes of BART later, I emerged on familiar ground at Powell & Market in San Francisco. So that was driving to downtown, followed by train bus train.

A few days later Apple bused us all to and from Cupertino, another bus.

And on Friday, BART followed by the Cute Acura Taxi Service (don't ask) and then Southwest to Burbank. When I got to Burbank I found out that the MTA trains to downtown stopped running at 6pm.

Because, I guess, no one needs to take a train after 6pm.
That lead to calling Jim and Patty to pick my ass up, a trip to Black Angus, and much eating of overwhelming dishes before we made it back to Gateway to get the car.

For the whole trip, that was just about every kind of transportation save for a boat. Damn.

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