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Friday, July 30, 2004


Last night I happened to choose the wrong dryer. So I ended up taking 3 cycles to get my laundry dry. That was just the start of my problems. Somehow I got into iSync hell, with duplicate data passing through the new phone and making it onto the PowerBook. That had me up later than I wanted to be, and I ended up sleeping later and not leaving until nearly 12.

About 70 miles from Las Vegas the engine started surging. And then the CHCK ENGINE light came on. I limped it along without letting it push itself, and instead of stopping in Primm I kept going. With the phone I found the Honda dealer in Vegas, and over the next hour of rush hour traffic made it there.

I won't find out what's actually wrong until Saturday, but I doubt it's anything inexpensive.

I ended up getting to DEFCON itself around 8, got some food, and here I am. For whatever reason, I've only held an IP on the wireless network for a few minutes so far. Some APs are coming and going, and some are very obviously being attacked. The odd thing is that a lot of other people are having no trouble using the wireless network.

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