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Monday, June 14, 2004

"I can't wait to play LA...

..because you people are fucking ugly!"

Six bottles of beer crashed down as the top shelf of the fridge collapsed. It was the echos of the ruckus that made me realize that something was amiss. So far I'd been there about 5 minutes and hadn't seen anyone yet, even though the cars were there. I called John and found out that yes, he wasn't there - he was out with Tony getting a keg, and the party wasn't supposed to start for 2 hours anyway.

And no matter what time it was supposed to start, nobody showed up for almost two hours after that. I twirled some fire, had zero beer, and hopped back in the car with promises I'd be back behind me in the yard.

I managed to get to Bar Sinister in pretty good time, even if parking was the usual pain in the ass. At the door there was a line, and a sign saying "DRESS CODE: BLACK". People ahead of me were getting kicked out for having on jeans. Being the jeans and t-shirt kinda guy I am, I had on - you guessed it - jeans and a t-shirt. When I got to the head of the line, two very dark women running things eyed me up and down with something that was almost disgust and said "You realize, this is a gothic club?"
I got right into her hostile little face.
"I'm more goth under my clothes than any of these people".
Somehow that took the fight out of her, and in I went, with the other woman actually complimenting my Space Ghost shirt as I walked away.

Ug. Scenesters.

I came in towards the end of [Christ Analogue's] set, which was a shame. I had last seen them play at the CMJ show in NYC in 1996, which was a damn good show. Their set at Bar Sinister easily topped it. Wade completely blew me away with his stage presence and energy, and it showed in the crowd. CA closed with Cold Magnetic Sun, which was awesome live.

[SMG's] set followed fairly soon afterward, which was nice since I've become used to more than an hour between bands at Hollywood shows (which annoys the hell out of me). [Chris] and the guys of SMG put on a great show, only playing 2 songs from the new album and managing to do a few from every release they have done in the last 10+ years. SMG and CA closed it all out with Sins Of The Flesh, and the crowd was sad to see them go and not do encores.

One of the highlights of the show was the Wax Trax! alum in the crowd. [En Esch] was right in front of me trying to annoy SMG by throwing PA's onstage (or at least that's what it looked like to me), but not in a "total asshole" kinda way. There were a few other luminaries hanging around, if you were there you'd know who I was talking about.

I couldn't catch Wade to thank him for coming out to California, but I did run into Chris on my way out and talked to him for a minute.

And with that, I sped back across town to the party, where I spun fire some more and had yet more zero beer. Going home at 4am, I ended up skipping the 7am MB swim the next day...... oh well.

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