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Monday, June 07, 2004

After Hours

Friday night I finally managed to get out and see [Bobbi] spin live. I had originally thought that the thing was over at 3am, but before I was leaving at 10 I realized it started at 3. So fast forward a few hours and at 3:30 I'm coming off the 10 at the Western overpass and all traffic is stopped by a CHP convoy. They're moving sewer pipes on flatbeds that are at least 30 feet in diameter, large enough that they have to go around stoplights, etc. to avoid knocking things over. For 20 minutes I sat there, and the pipes and cops headed exactly where I was going. It took me another half hour to go all the way around and get ahead of the convoy and up Western to Melrose. It was great to finally see Bobbi in her element, she's good and really enjoys what she's doing now. When she finished up I said hello to her - I haven't seen her in person in some time - and she was absolutely floored that I came out to see her spin.

I drove home as the sun started to creep up, stopping to get a soda in Hollywood to stay awake. I had to fight my way through a crowd of very desperate female capitalists to get to the window to order. By the time I actually got into bed it was 7am, which made Saturday kinda a wash as a training day. When I woke up around 3 though, the new [Pig] album was at my door, which made my day.

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