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Monday, May 17, 2004

Working the weekend

Saturday I went to a swimming clinic put on by [Acme Coaching] for the LA Tri Club. The focus was on improving form using the [Total Immersion] technique for distance swimming.
The clinic started out with each of us swimming a lap "normally" using freestyle, which usually meant the crawl. After that it was about an hour or so of Total Immersion drills, learning how to balance in the water and use weight and buoyancy to move efficiently. The last lap was applying what we had learned in front of an underwater camera, then we watched ourselves and had the coaches critique our form.
For the first lap, I did very well at 15 strokes (for comparison, most of the swimmers did the 25 yard lap in about 20 strokes). My last lap cut that down to 11. I did pretty well overall and definitely learned a lot.

Sunday I took out the new bike for the first time, getting up to speed on it. I rode along the bike path for 30 miles and learned the ins and outs of my first tri bike. Balancing on the aero bars proved to be a challenge, and relearning the gear ratio after a lifetime of using mountain bikes took some work. I managed to get home in one piece, and I really do like the [Speedplay Zero] pedals I got.

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