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Monday, May 10, 2004

Weary Weekend

After calling Helen's on Friday and finding out they had a Cervelo One in stock I headed over there to check it out. After the trials and tribulations of eBay I had decided that I was getting a bike one way or another over the weekend. Supergo was opening a new store and having some deals on so-so bikes, so that was the backup plan. I called Pacific Tri on the way to Helen's to see what they had in my price range - and they actually recommended that I get the Cervelo at Helen's since it was a great bike for the money. After a test ride at Helen's I was sold, and since it wasn't this year's frame they knocked quite a bit off the price for me. So now I finally have a tri bike to train and race on.

Straight from Helen's I went over to John's for his housewarming party. Since it was still early not many people were there, but I knew almost everyone - the close friends show up on time, friends of friends much later. After an hour or so I headed to the Valley to Jefferson's birthday party, which wasn't quite the bacchanal it was last year, but I found out more about what happened to me after I [fell out of the pool]. Then I headed back to John's, where there were 50+ more people, a DJ, and very little BBQ left. Late into the night I started the real fun by fire dancing for the crowd, which lead to several encore performances. A group of girls we had met Friday showed up after I finished just to see me spin fire, so I set up and had another go for them. All in all a long, long day but a fun one.

With the bike out of the way, most of my Sunday was free. I talked to Mom, hung out with the same girls that we had met Friday again, then joined Ursula at a showing of Life of Brian, which she managed to fall asleep halfway through. When I got home I ran into Kelley, which lead to much Kareoke and liquor but an early night (thank god!).


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