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Friday, May 21, 2004

Newport Sunday

At 6:30 am on Sunday (ug) I'll be hauling my ass from the start of the Newport Beach Triathlon. Here's the race information:
SWIM: 1/2 mile (Back Bay of Newport Beach). Flat water swim.
CYCLE: 13 miles (through various parts of Newport Beach, around Fashion Island)
RUN: 3 miles

The race starts with a 1/2 mile swim in the Back Bay of Newport Beach in the Newport Dunes recreation area at Jamboree and Back Bay Drive (shown in this picture). Parking is located here. The Newport Dunes is located at Jamboree and Back Bay Drive.From the 405 or 73, take Jamboree towards the beach. Right before you get to PCH, you will turn right on Back Bay Drive.

So if for some reason you want to spend an hour and half cheerleading or seeing me make funny faces and breathing hard, now you know where to go. But I should warn you, dating me has the same effect, and you don't have to wake up as early.

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