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Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Apparently GPSBabel only deals with waypoints on the Garmin, not tracks. What a Forerunner really needs is track support. The thing is, GPSBabel advertises it supports tracks - when in fact it seems to barely support waypoints. When loading anything from the Forerunner it shows protocol errors, and when loading tracks it segfaults right before it should be finishing.
Why? It depends on another open source library (JEEPS) for communicating with a Garmin GPS.
The JEEPS source hasn't been updated since 2000, which could be a factor. I took a look at another library for talking to Garmin receivers, but it's heavily dependent on IO mechanisms on Linux, not POSIX or BSD. Porting it over to MacOS X would involve a lot more than just pointing it to the correct header files. It would be a major pain.

Yes, I'm working on an application that would support the Forerunner under MacOS X.... shhhhh.....

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