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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

What cocoa needs

What Cocoa Needs:

1. Documentation for existing features/objects.
Good example: make NSDisclosureButtonCell documented and public. It's been there since 10.1, I doubt it's going away.

2. Objects that are common in Apple applications, but are not public or system-wide. There are things ranging from the alternating row colors in iTunes and iCal to bushed metal column headers and iCal's calendar object. iCal and AddressBook obviously have a lot in common, but don't seem to use the same code. Why not make some of their UI objects systemwide standards?

3. Move more Carbon elements into Cocoa, or provide interfaces to the Carbon APIs.
There are still too many things that you can't do without carbon, like talk to InternetConfig. Having an "adapter" interface until those things are replace with cocoa APIs would be nice, there is a lot of duplication of effort in implementing cocoa wrapper classes for common carbon APIs.

4. A dogcow.

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