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Friday, March 26, 2004


My recently acquired [Orca Speedsuit] is easily the best wetsuit I've ever worn. Not only does it take little effort to get into, it just fits right. And it's surprisingly warm for only 1-2mm of neoprene.

After 2 days of use I have to say that the [Garmin Forerunner] is worth the money if you're doing distance running or biking. The Logbook software could use some improvement, but other than that it works as advertised so far. For $120 with a 13hr lithium-ion battery, it's well worth getting. Initially I had problems getting a signal on the beach, but it turns out that for it's first-use calibration it wanted all 5 satellites visible. Now it works just fine about anyplace I turn it on.

Sunday is the big day. I'm looking forward to getting my ass handed to me by people on dedicated tri bikes - I'll be on my 17lb Stumpjumper.
Triathlon is all about they trying, not the winning. Finishing is good enough for me.

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