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Monday, March 08, 2004

Hot Import Nights With Masuimi Max!

Last night I was checking [Masuimi's website] while I was wallowing in intense back spasms and saw she had been booked for [Hot Import Nights] in LA at the last minute. 6 Motrin and a few minutes later and I was off to pick up John to go. Turned out that Dave's woman [Aiko] was doing a signing there, so Dave might have some passes to the show for us (turned out, he didn't).

We ended up paying $20 to park rather than spend an hour in line at one of the convention center's lots for $10 parking, and after getting inside it turned out that the line to buy tickets was out the door and down the street - that long. Oddly enough, there was a sanctioned ticket seller taking cash that a security guard pointed me to that was more than happy to take our money so we would not have to stand in line. With that done, we just had to brave ANOTHER line to get in with a ticket.... which we found a way to cut into. In all, we managed to save at least an hour by being tactful and even spending a few extra bucks.

Once inside the convention center it was wall to wall cars and wall to wall dancing girls. Every booth had a girl, every square inch of the place was covered in cars with completely unnecessary modifications - who REALLY needs 3 video screens in the roof of their trunk? Much less on a Neon?

After some running around we did hook up with Dave and Aiko, and then promptly lost them. John and I went looking for where and when Masuimi was performing - and there she was on a video screen, larger than life carrying fire. We ran over and got as close as we could, which wasn't close at all, and managed to catch about the last 5 minutes. Allen, her husband, had to carry her off stage after she mooned the crowd a few times. Her fire performance was probably as good as it was going to get in the LA Convention Center, though we didn't see much. From video I've seen of her performances she can do a lot more than just eating the flame!

But hey, we did get to see her!

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