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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Gecko for BeOS PowerPC

To those of you in BeOS land....
I know what the limiting factors are in getting Mozilla, and the Gecko engine, to run on BeOS PPC. If people are interested, I'll port it. I just have to put another SCSI hard drive into the BeOS machine at home and pull in the source tree for mozilla to get started.

While I can get Gecko to build on BeOS PPC with mwcc, the better long term solution is to move to GCC as the toolchain for PowerPC. [GeekGadgets] sucessfully ported egcs, the predecessor to the current gcc, to PowerPC back in the day. Making a ported gcc and GNU toolchain the standard for PowerPC development on BeOS is the best long term solution for these kinds of problems.

And it's not like it's hard. Cross compiling on x86 with the GNU tools isn't kids stuff, but it's not exactly hard either. Be did an [article] on it that covers most of the bases, and I know my R5 installation has the cross compiler plugins to target BeOS 5 x86 via BeIDE.

What we really need is a set of BView classes that expose Gecko, just like CHBrowserView does on MacOS X. From there on, building modern browsers and HTML based application for beos on x86 and ppc would be kid's stuff.

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