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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

el crappo

I've been spending all day doing the management stuff that my manager should be doing.
I put out fires. I make sure all the engineers have every resource I need. I defuse personal crises. I go to meetings. I make meetings. I appease people I would not give the time of day to outside of work. I make sure that certain people do not become an embarrassment. I keep everything running.

I've been working all night doing the engineering work that I'm supposed to be here to do.
I work on projects that I've been assigned, either by higher-ups or myself. I work on things that just need to get done for the good of the company. I change things that are in a crappy state because of other people. I write documentation for things "finished" and not. I design. I code. I architect. When it comes to the engineering part of my job, I'm the best at what I do with little exception.

I'm not training
I don't have time to run, swim, bike, or lift. I had to bow out of a formal training program because my "annual review" at work kept getting rescheduled. I'm not getting enough sleep and not eating enough to maintain any training at all right now.

I'm not having fun
I don't have the room in my life for it anymore.

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