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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Why the hell do we "save" in the 21st century?

It seems that Michael has the same [things on his mind] that I do. Saving is the stupidest paradigm in human-computer interaction.
You want me to translate that? Saving is stupid. In more than 20 years of personal computing we haven't gotten past that. If I don't "save" my work, it's as good as gone? It never happened?
Why didn't we get rid of this saving sillyness a long time ago?

[Nisus Writer Express] (which I am writing this in right now) has a pretty good autosaving feature. Rarely do I have to consciously save something. What it does lack is rollback or version control. If I could pop a given document back to a previous revision, well, that could save my ass a few times a week right there.

This is something I'm working on a functional demo for, though not (unfortunately) at the filesystem level yet. If I were to write an operating system today, it wouldn't encourage "saving".

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