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Saturday, January 24, 2004

P5 Glove hackage

Since before it was even announced - when rumors of a new PowerGlove were floating around - I've wanted a [P5 Glove] to play with. As news of it's development trickled out, it seemed that this was a company that understood it's potential. At one point, they pre-announced a MacOS X SDK for it... which still hasn't surfaced. Oddly enough, their developer webpage states:
Fully USB compliant, the premier edition of the P5 is compatible with the PC as well as Mac OS 9 and below, though no Mac game software is currently available. Future editions of the P5 will be compatible with popular game consoles such as PS2 and Xbox.

They do have a linux SDK, with some source, but unfortunately the important parts are distributed as a binary library.
If someone got me one, like, now, since they're available for $20 less from [Computer Geeks], I could certainly figure out how to make it work.... and write a killer app for it.

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