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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Mail, remixed.

I'm back to working on [EvilToaster] after a long hiatus.... some new stuff coming along nicely.
Found a better way to do quote level highlighting after looking over [UKSyntaxColoredTextDocument 0.1.5] , which does realtime syntax coloring very differently than I had been doing.
I'm taking a hard, long look at what the Newton OS and SimpleMail are doing right, and doing wrong, and seeing what lessons from that can be applied in the context of MacOS X.
[Lucene 1.3] is out, and I'm catching up to some of the new stuff. Some of the new features are very cool, though still not quite ready for what I'd like to use them for.
Most of all, I'm learning from the failures of others. iCal is almost unusable, the methods for entering new events are that bad. The Newton got that a lot better. Eudora knows it's an email client, while Outlook, etc. all think they are "suites". I'd rather do one thing and do it well than try to do everything.... poorly.

I've got some very cool new ideas, most of which will probably never get used on this project.

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