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Wednesday, January 07, 2004


A new version of iPhoto is part of [iLife 04], announced yesterday at MWSF. Apparently the new iPhoto has some performance enhancements, including fixes for working with large photo libraries (iPhoto's biggest weakness). Unfortunately, from what I am hearing the new iPhoto will only be available as part of "iLife 04", making iTunes the only iLife program available as a free download from this point on.

So if I buy a digital camea, and I want to use it with a Mac, I now have to pay another $50 for the software to use it? Or is Apple going to say "Oh, if you want to use your camera, pay the $50 or use Image Capture in your Utilities folder".

Oddly enough, the often neglected Image Capture has been updated with new features recently. Mere coincidence?

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