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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

First Burn

Dan lighting his poi
Sunday night I left home at around 4 and made my way deep into the heart of Hollywood. After getting a tad lost trying to take Normandie all the way there (which you can't - it dead ends in Koreatown, which was news to me) I found the place. A small lot behind a taco stand that looked like it belonged to a body shop, an open metal door with a KEEP CLOSED sign on it.

By the end of the night the smell of fuel and sweat was almost a part of me. I can still smell it a day later. For me, working with different poi alone was almost like starting over, much less working with poi on fire. I had wanted to get in some good practice with the fire poi before Sunday, but the week just went by too fast. So it took me a while to get used to the different weight and balance of the poi, but once I did I stopped smacking myself with flaming kevlar.
This weekend is the big party, and damn skippy I'm going to be practicing with the fire poi! The photos from Sunday came out really well, maybe I'll post some more of them this week.
Dan getting a bit better with fire
Hannah showing us how it's done

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