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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

What's a blodger?

Waiting at the baggage claim in Oakland, dad looks at my hoodie and asks...
"Dan, what's a 'Blodger'"
"I imagine it's some kind of blunt object, why?"

Coming back was interesting. BART from the Embarcadero to the Oakland Colliseum - just as a Raiders game was letting out. I have to give JetBlue a lot of points though, the DirectTV system they have in seatbacks works pretty well and beats out craning your neck around for lame inflight entertainment on United. Unfortunately, the plane was half full of Raiders fans and there was a game on - so whenever any play was on, there was a lot of whooping and high fives.
Still, beat the Thanksgiving dog show that was on on the way there.

SF was rainy. I found a sweet North Face windbreaker that's just what I need for morning runs. This morning I got in about 3 miles before showering, and the ocean was glass smooth, only disturbed by the pod of dolphins feeding and a couple of surfers by the pier.

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