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Monday, December 15, 2003

Manic Compression

While I was x-mas shopping Saturday, I remembered to check Tower for the Quicksand album I've been missing forever. Someplace I have the actual CD, but the surface looks like it's been used for removing coral from the bottom of cargo ships. Not good. So I happened to find it at Tower - unusual since it's from the early 90s and Tower is mostly about whatever has been "poppy" in the last few months or years (though this varies greatly from store to store - I've been very impressed with some of the staff at various Tower stores).
How much did they want for it? $18.99. I'm not kidding.
I ended up not getting it, instead buying two more recent albums for that much. Granted, if Tower had Swamp Terrorists' Wrecked, I would have gladly paid that much for it (they didn't have it, and no one does - I can tell many sad stories about attempting to reacquire Wrecked and Teknowhore). But this was Quicksand, which I like, but it's not something my world hinges on.
Looking on the ITMS today, they have the Quicksand album I want for $10.
Fuck you very much tower, love, Apple.

Manic Compression

The two albums I did get? Puretone's Stuck In A Groove (LOVE IT!) and [Slick Idiot] remixes. Neither available on the ITMS.

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