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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Disappointed in my new AquaLung Tyke mask

So yesterday after the race I trucked over to Sports Chalet to get a new mask and snorkel. Much of my scuba gear is from when I was certified 10 years ago and it's past time to replace it, so over the past few months I've been watching for sales and reading reviews and slowly replacing gear. I had been to Sports Chalet a few times in the past month or two to try on masks and I settled on the [AquaLung Tyke] mask after reading some good reviews and trying the seal for fit.
Bought it. Brought it home. Pulled off the strap to fit on a velcro [Slap Strap] - I had one on my last mask (also an AquaLung) and now I can't imagine diving without one. Lo and behold, the new AquaLung masks (Tyke, Mythos, and SEAL Masks) all use unusually narrow rubber straps and buckles - too narrow for the velcro of the slap strap.

I'm not happy about this. If you are planning to put a Slap Strap on your new AquaLung mask, it's not going to fit. Now I have to figure out if I can work around this somehow, or if I'm just going to return the Tyke and buy another maker's mask. AquaLung, you've really disappointed me here. I can't imagine what the advantage of such a narrow strap buckle could be.

Maybe I'm nit-picking, but I'm an engineer.

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