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Wednesday, November 26, 2003


The only light the flicker of phosphor reflected from stainless steel and chrome dangling from ears, noses, brows, the sheen of patent leather and electrical tape. Nothing moves... yet. A sea of black as the swarm moves closer, punctuated by pale white flesh and clattering heels.

I declare war on the world...

Guitar like percussion, drum like horns, the screensaver flickers off as the line between the synthetic and the real blurs in a coordinated chaos of sonic mayhem. Tuned bass and kickers blow back slicked jet black locks and dreads, the oozing mass shocks awake. all that you can be...

Moving bodies rage, mouths scream, feet stomp. The circle widens and closes with each verse as the twist, the lyrics almost drowned out in the kick and the cry. Everyone catches the ultaheavybeat.

The show begins.

Stars and stripes
Learn how to fight!
We come together by the dawn of the light
Oh so brightly we hail as the rockets red glare

In the pit, looking. Wanting. Needing someone to twirl, the lone white shirt.

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A good quick laugh