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Friday, November 07, 2003

Featured Programming

The other night I happened to be flipping by one of the, what, 4 HBOs I get (and they all suck btw), and a documentary was on.
The last time I was up in SF for fleet week, Mom pointed out an article in the NY Times about the movie - it was created by someone I knew from way back when, the little brother of someone I went to grade school with. I'm not sure I want to name the person, or the movie, but seeing the movie was surreal. I only caught the last half hour or so, but there were a lot of faces and places that brought back memories. It was kind of creepy, in a way, to see people on TV like that who I last saw when they were 12 or 13 (and who are now in their 20s and look totally different).

That weirded me out a bit. And knowing 1/2 the names in the credits did too. The movie was about the world that I was a part of, in a way, but distanced myself from. Weird story, some other time.

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