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Thursday, October 02, 2003

LA Nights.... Hollywood Bowl... Cartoon Network Party....

For the longest time, I wasn't myself. Now I'm getting back to the things that are important- friends and having fun...

The Hollywood Bowl turned out to be a cool venue, an outdoor ampitheatre an a huge scale. You might think that something that big, and open, would have sucky sound but it was surprisingly good even in the WayBack™. We could see the stage fine, and the sound wasn't washed out like most large concerts. I haven't been a fan of Radiohead in long time, but they did put on a good set and the evolution of their unique sound over the years was reflected in the [setlist].
The Bowl was surreal. Surrounded by trees, on a hillside with only the stars overhead and the Hollywood sign dark, it felt so... not LA.Airplanes move.

Sophie was pretty cool, and we ran into Burton from Fear Factory afterwards in Hollywood at the Rainbow. He seemed pretty convinced we didn't know who he was, but the face he made when I mentioned his old band was priceless.

Tuesday night in Fullerton was kickass. Jill is always just the coolest to hang out with, because she shuffles, like me - but she unknowingly showed her cards when she started to actually dance. Me, on the other hand, I just made a fool of myself (and there ain't nothing wrong with that!). As Drew said:

"Dan, whenever I start to think you're not really white, you do something that brings me down to earth"

2 guys hit on Jill there, and it was funny as hell - one guy was the sterotypical geek, odd proportions, Mom's Favorite HairDo™, glasses and all. Seeing the same guy dirty dancing with SuperHoochie™ ten minutes later had everyone there shaking their heads.

I wish I had gotten a chance to win more swag breakdancing!
Jill's rose broke, we went to Denny's after, and yes, the "Mini Burgers" are dinner rolls with meat on em.

That night, one word: Tight.

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A good quick laugh