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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

A burning sensation....

Apparently [Christ Analogue] is rising from the dead, much like chemlab, etc. seem to be. Seeing them live in NYC for the CMJ show at the Batcave back in 1996 was cool, their 2nd album came out not long after that and pretty much blew me away (you can download two of the best tracks from it on that page, cold magnetic sun and surface like nerve).

Always nice to see good acts come back from the dead. Especially when they're good live - some of my favorite bands are great but suck on stage. Sad, but true. Bile and Hate Dept both have shows coming up, which should be great. I usually get to see Bile what, once every 3 years or so, and now I'll have a second chance this year to see why [Krztoff] should be on American Idol.

Army Of Darkness was playing last Friday at the Nuart, and somehow no one could go with me - that sucked ass.

[Bunnies] are turning up in the oddest of places, and here at work they're making their presence known by leaving trails of their special Raisinettes and attracting rattlesnakes.

If [he] runs, he'll probably win - but how can he be in two places at once on July 4th?

Yet another reason to avoid [Word].

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