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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

The only easy day...

A few weeks ago I started training with [Jake] to try to get myself feeling a bit better. Training just for the sake of training doesn't often do much for me, so the program Jake has is 1 hour of conditioning followed by 1 hour of various fighting techniques geared toward being able to take on someone in the street (ie some drunk throws a punch at you in a bar). Even after just 2 of the weekly workouts Chelle noticed a difference in my body, and now after a month or so you can REALLY tell, and honestly I haven't been real great about doing my "homework" workouts between sessions.

Besides me starting to change from Peter Parker to Spider-Man, a few interesting things have happened. We do the training at [Muscle Beach], right at the sand in Venice. The week before last some guy who was practicing martial arts started peppering us with questions while I was jumping rope. We got him to bug off for a while by inviting him to watch the fighting work an hour later, and he disappeared. Of course, an hour later there he was watching us. Apparently he'd spent years doing jiu jitsu and was hot shit, so Jake asked him to help demonstrate some holds for me. Just doing basic holds the guy lasted about 10 seconds. And after that, he said some not too smart things, like "couldn't you get out of that by somersaulting forward?".
Sure, you would be out of the hold, but you'd be in a worse position- on the ground right under me. Not smart.

I guess you had to be there.

My brother sent me [Peter Goes to Boot Camp], which is a fun read. There's a PT/Boot Camp outfit that runs it's morning thing right near my place, O course and everything - I haven't been impressed by what I've seen and heard of it. The SEAL PT course thing sounds like fun though.

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