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Monday, June 09, 2003

Oh! My nuts!

Considering last Saturday I managed to fall out of a pool (not the above ground kind), this weekend was a lot less eventful.

Friday I was so worn out from 2 days of pretty intensive workouts that I had to take a nap before leaving work so I was conscious enough to drive home safely. When I got home I crashed out pretty quickly and woke up something like 16 hours later feeling a lot better.

Jill, being the cool chick she is invited me to her cookout where we had steaks, dogs, and beer which was cool, and I got to meet her boyfriend. That was interesting - today she told me that he thought she was all "up on me" because we were talking some of the time over the fire (not like he wasn't 2 feet away). Around 1am I headed home, and Sunday was a big day for Chelle and I.

Starting off your day with a tooth coming loose is never a good sign, but it ended up not getting any worse than that. I drove up there after hitting a good deli in Santa Monica. We had a nice little picnic with occasional interruptions by graduation parties in the park and [spawn of whitey]. We had a good time and it was really good to see her after a month of so of being apart. Even if it was 95 in the shade, we were cool and got to just spend time together enjoying a nice breeze.

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