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Sunday, May 04, 2003


John, his girlfriend, and I went to see X-Men 2 last night at [The Bridge], a "high end" theater in Culver City. The Bridge is supposed to be a high end theater - it has a bar/restaurant, and wireless ticket vendors roaming around. They didn't pick the greatest location in the world for it, so the crowd wasn't exactly their target demographic. I've been there once before to see Spy Game a while back, and at the time the place didn't really impress me.
One thing that does set the Bridge apart though is that they have an IMAX theater. So we went at 10:15 to catch the only IMAX screening of X-Men 2 for the day, which was well worth it. And opening it with the trailer for Matrix Revolutions was almost as good as the movie itself. Wide screens immerse you in the action, but sometimes it makes your head spin, since your eyes can't cover the entire thing unless you have perfect seats you miss things if the action is moving fast.
The Bridge has assigned seating - so I might as well try to reserve my seats for the Matrix Reloaded in IMAX as soon as I can!

The movie was pretty good- better than I thought - and pretty long. Some scenes stand out for me, and I was disappointed with how little was done with Deathstrike and what happened with Jean Grey. I won't ruin it for anyone though, go see the movie!

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