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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Tickbites and razorlines

Sunday we took a drive up into the hills around Fresno to Auberry and the [Squaw Leap] BLM park. Getting there was half the fun, since more than once I went the wrong way and we ended up going up steep mountains with winding roads and sharp dropoffs that make for scary scenery.
Once we actually found the right place, we had a nice easy hike a mile or so into the woods along a singletrack path lined with a good variety of small wildflowers like mountain lilac. When we got to the bridge crossing Big Sandy Creek

The scenery was very pleasant and there weren't too many other people out, though we did meet a shy lizard and a very friendly dog. We stopped under a nice, shady tree and for the first time maybe in just about forever had a chance to just relax and talk. Though beforehand she told me "I don't hike", she seemed to enjoy being away from everything for a little while.
Going back I took yet another wrong turn and we ended up going down the other side of the same scary mountain. Sunday night I stayed in Fresno at the wonderful Formosa Inn again, and before driving back in to work Monday morning we had breakfast outside of Vons - and I've never had a better bagel in my life.

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