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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Screenshots galore

So you want a taste of EvilToaster. Here you go. These are some shots of various works in progress, and don't at all represent what things will look like when it's in a more completed state.

For example, in the mail search view, you certainly won't see a text field for entering searches, since it should work more like "Search Folders" in Copland or "virtual folders" in Evolution, etc. And the mail reading view is very much a work in progress- and probably always will be. The disclosable view you see at bottom to see the entire message thread is still giving me fits - it's a tough problem to solve. There is a long way to go, but the pieces I have right now are allowing me to experiment enough that good things are happening, and I'm going in directions that I probably wouldn't have if I had drawn up a design document instead of evolving the design as I work on it. Did I mention the threading is a pain? It is. [Arlo Rose] was nice enough to send me the colors that his [Eudora Thing] used for quote coloring on MacOS, and I'm going to be using those as defaults since they're so darn nice. Some people think that the individual items in the mail list view you see in the search screenshot is too large- it's really not, since instead of seeing the entire contents of your inbox at a time, you're seeing the live results of a search for only the items you want to see at any given time. Even your "new mail" folder is really a search for "receiveddate:today" (which you can of course filter and customize to show you only unread messages, etc.). And I'm working on making it [scale elegantly]. So while I have toys to play with, you don't, so ha ha :) Nothing is getting released anytime soon, even though one test application was a fully searchable MP3 organizer that uses Lucene.

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