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Monday, May 05, 2003

Kill me now.

I'm pissed.
Literally. I was ready to go to bed. Really I was. And so I went to the bathroom to pee. Now, unlike some folk, I tend to pee sitting down. Now, I sat down on the old terlet and it hit me. A cold slap to the nuts hit me, cold water that had been sitting there all day lapped at the Family Jewels. I'm not stranger to this, it does happen from time to time that the old swingset gets a little wet. It's a hazard of have big ole brass ones. Lacking much depth perception, and light since the bathroom has been without a working light since The Incident (the last incident, that is), as I peered into the icy clear water I did not accurately measure it's depth. Only after flushing it did I realize that indeed it was flooded, and unlike oh so many times it almost gave me a heart attack by going to the rim before receeding like a cruel joke, no this time it went over. This time I made a mad grab at the nearest perishable items and leapt out of the bathroom as an inch of water chased me.

So now I'm wearing wet clothes, with a pile of wet clothes in the bathroom smelling like god knows what, feeling icky like I really need to get a shower, and I can't cause the water is still a bit too deep to deal with.

Nasty. And I was having such a productive day too.

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