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Sunday, May 18, 2003

Hacking mores

Headhunters have often told me I'm easy to "sell" to clients because though I'm an alpha geek, I have better social skills than most geeks they work with.
Having seeing a lot of the geeks they work with, that's kinda depressing - not the kind of people I would trust to buy the right octane for their car, much less create a multithreaded application. But I digress.
While I may have better social skills than many other geeks, I'm still largely crippled. I certainly don't pick up on body language, and I don't notice flirting at all. And when I'm out, with or without my comrades in arms, I don't randomly go up to people and try to strike up a conversation. I never do that- if a conversation happens, I'm more than capable of keeping it going, but I never have some urge to start one with a stranger.
I could go on about that, but I won't. The point here is that sometimes I come off as antisocial, though I'm far from it. Now people seem to have these odd ideas that it's a guy's role to go up to girls and use cheesy lines or something to start a conversation and get the ball rolling. Girls will stare at a guy all night, hoping that the guy will start chatting them up, but rarely going up to the guy and talking to him.

For whatever reason, each sex finds the opposite unapproachable in some way. The guys that do go up and chat up girls are usually losers- they have that sense of self confidence or whatever for the wrong reasons. In my experience, and that of friends, that often leads to bad relationships, etc. Me, I don't see a reason to start a conversation with someone because of their looks or anything like that. If they're talking about something that gets my interest, occasionally I'll jump in, but really people rarely do that.

But why do girls find guys unapproachable? Odd.

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