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Friday, May 23, 2003

Eudora Refugees

I stumbled across [Eric's blog entry] today while snooping for something completely different. While I don't claim to know Eric well, I've seen a number of his developer mailing list posts and actually have a book he co-wrote. We seem to swim in a lot of the same circles :)
Eric, and most of the readers who left comments, seems to be a Eudora refugee like I am. I spent most of the 1990s using Eudora, but after being swallowed by Qualcomm and then being shifted into maintance mode, Eudora fell behind many other mail clients, and in particular didn't make the switch to MacOS X as well as everyone would have liked.

In any case, it seems that most of the Eudora users are looking for the same things in an email program - most of them the same things I'm working on for EvilToaster. One thing you definitely will not see is a 3-pane view like every other mail program released in the past few years. For whatever reason, Netscape and MS Outlook adopted that and everyone followed. It sucks, it's stupid, it's bad design, etc. etc. The first thing I look for in a mail client when I try it is getting rid of the 3 pane view. [PowerMail], and GyazMail kind of let you do that. [Minotaur/Mozilla Mail] does and there are a number of other things about the Mozilla mail core that are very cool.

Anyway, nice to see that so many other Eudora refugees are out there looking for the kind of attention to detail and flexibility I miss!

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