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Friday, May 16, 2003

A bad sitcom

Here's how the script for my life was pitched...
"So what's the concept?"
"See it's an alegory..."
"An alegory?"
"Can I finish? It's like an alegory really. It's a story of minor tradgedies. We have this guy, the protagonist and..."
"The family has to be racially integrated, we need to get back to what we're good at, in the 80's.."
"That's it! There is no family. Get it? No family. Just him."
"Well we need a love interest. I'm tired of trying these things and waiting till the second season to bring in the housewive audience and move the time slot"
"There's a love interest, but it's not a big part in the show. It's more about the guy than anything else."
"So what's the show then? No kids, no talking pets, no woman, where's the drama?"
"Imagine this. He pours himself our soft drink, right? Ice, tall glass, he's home after a long day at his dead end job, right? He's tired, he's aggravated, he's been dealing with shit all day and his fuse is real short. And the second he starts to relax, he knocks the glass over. All over everything. He goes to get a paper towel, and the towels fly off the rack and make more of a mess. Comedy ensues."
"That's it?"
"Well it's a situation comedy. So every few days we do it again, but with coffee, or a different soft drink, whatever."
"I see Coke, I see Starbuck's. I smell placement! Even when it flops we'll have millions in endorsement deals, let's do it!"

Errr.... or something like that.

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A good quick laugh