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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Say Hey to your Marshmellow Peeps

The weekend in SF was ok, on Saturday the weather was really nice and of course I was out and about without my camera. Duoh!
Mom got us all easter baskets, which I haven't had in years. She kicks ass.
Chelle and I were having some problems, communication problems I guess, but after talking about it everything is OK now. A lot of it was me- me being insecure I think- but she's awesome and understanding and even though one of the things were talked about was how it's gotten hard for me to talk about some things, she's one of the easiest people in the world for me to talk to.
She totally kicks ass. On the way back to LA sunday night I doglegged to Fresno and got to see her for about an hour, which made my week. We fed each other Jelly Bellies and talked things over. Whenever we talk about things face to face the problems don't seem nearly as bad as they do from 200 miles away.

I'm thinking we need an iguana.

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