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Thursday, April 17, 2003


I'm getting older. Again. Buy me stuff.


[Robotech: Crystal Dreams for aforementioned Xbox] [Froogle]

[HALO] [Froogle]

[Optical-out cable for xbox so I can MAYBE hear 5.1 sound on my DAV-S300] or [Xbox high def pack (same thing)] and [Optical Cable]

Sadly, I've heard that using the analog inputs you can't get 5.1 sound from the [DAV-S300]. Supposedly with the optical input you can.

[A modchip for said xbox, since I am purely evil and using the XBoxMediaCenter would be cool]

I still need [2 or 4 speaker stands for my satellites]

And probably other stuff would be cool too, but I was 2 seconds away from buying the xbox and robotech with's current 10% off deal for about $140... so figured someone else might need gift ideas for me (yeah right) and will try to hold off another 2 weeks... must...
By all means, use [Froogle] and [dealcoupon] when buying!

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