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Thursday, April 17, 2003

Hey all you crackwhores....

And yes, I am totally diggin the "new" album from [Acumen Nation], [The 5ith Column].
Now my first Acumen experience was in 1995 or 1996, when I saw them opening up for Chemlab and 16volt in DC at the Capitol Ballroom. They didn't take well with me- I didn't like their live sound that much, but at some point picked up an album and decided they were just one of those bands that didn't sound good live. Their album wasn't one of my favorites but it was listenable, and I don't listen to utter crap if I can help it.
Flash forward 5 years to a few months ago when I was cruising the [SMG forum] and everyone was talking about how good The 5ith Column was.
So it was on the list in the back of my mind of odd stuff to look for if I happened to find myself in Tower at some point, though I don't think I ever remembered to look for it. And forget Kazaa, etc. - most of my music is too obscure to find on p2p networks.
So since they're now on [Invisible], they were selling the CD at the show, as well as a set of remixes I picked up but haven't listened to yet.
I was pretty surprised at the maturity and polish of the new cd. Sure, it's definitely still Acumen, but the sound shows how much they've grown up since their last album in 1996 or so.

Bit of trivia: Fifth Column records was their last label, 5 years ago, based in DC. The label kinda ate itself and took a lot of good acts with it, not the least of which was Chemlab (the lead singer went back to working as an investment banker on Wall Street).

The 5ith Column has a funky beat and I can wig out to it. I recommend it.

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