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Friday, July 28, 2006


Wow. Long time no post.
It's been a doozy of a first half of the year. At the new job, got put on a project that was too aggressive in many ways. New technology, timeline way too short, and no real plan. Still on that project, and it's become a real mess. 
Got into a relationship, got out of it. It was a learning experience - exactly what I do not need. I'd rather be single than be vanilla.
Because of work, haven't done nearly enough training, and when I have I've completely overdone it. So now I have several injuries in various states of repair.
Spent the last several days sick because of.... yes, work. Stress and something in the AC got to me, according to the Dr. today. Noticing a pattern here?

The one time I have been happy, I thought I had found that One Right Thing. It was great until I found out I was a one night stand to her.

All in all, yeah, a doozy of a year so far. Thus, the lack of posts. Life intervenes. As I'm sure anyone who reads this has noticed, I rarely, if ever, talk about work. It's just not a good idea to talk about my work publically. So since most of my life has been working 12-22 hour days for the past 6 months, there hasn't been that much to post about.

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