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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Form + Function

On my to-do list, training sessions/sports medicine clinics with....
[Phase IV]

[Pose Tech]

[Total Immersion]

Proper form is extremely important for any sport, and endurance sports especially. In swimming you're not going to get anywhere just pushing more water, having a more efficient stroke that creates less drag is going to win races. In running form is everything, and my form has always stunk. The Pose method of running sounds very interesting, and through the [LA Tri Club] I heard about an upcoming clinic - they work on your form with you, and at the end you get a before and after DVD that shows your improvement.

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Monday, December 22, 2003


I had a chance to play with Haystack on the new 2GHz PeeCee at home - and it's pretty darn slow. There are points where their UI seems to break down, but overall it's a very cool app - I can see a number of ways it can be more than the sum of it's whole. It would be pretty cool to use it for work, and now that there is a [MacOS X version] available, I just might do that.

Course, it takes FOREVER to start up. And from working with the Windows version, it's not straightforward to get started with.

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