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Monday, October 20, 2003

State of the Newt

Friday my "new" 3com 3c589D PCMCIA network card came from PC Liquidators and works in the Newton like a charm. While having the 802.11b card in the Newton is nice, I still don't have the AP quite where I want it, so it's rarely on. I still might try to get an Epia to work with to do what I have planned.

Installing packages over both TCP/IP using Rendesvous and AppleTalk work fine using [Delivery] on MacOS X, but [Escale] still isn't doing much of anything for me. It can see the Newton connected to it, but that's about it. AddressBook syncing is what I could really use, but that fails several steps into the process right now. Maybe using one of the [Escale nightlies] will do it.

Backing up the entire Newton over AppleTalk to the MacOS 8,6 machine took all of 20 seconds :)

So now I have [SimpleMail] installed on the Newton, as well as [Raissa] (an RSS newsreader), and [Courier] (a new Newton browser). More on those later.

The small community of Newton developers are doing an awesome job of writing new code to do things that the Palm and PocketPC are still struggling with, on hardware that's years old. Some of the new drivers and software out there that make the Newton useful in today's world:

- [802.11 driver]
- Lets you use most 802.11b cards with a Newton
- [ATA Support driver]
- This allows you to use CompactFlash memory cards with the Newton, which are larger, cheaper, and easier to come by than Newton memory cards.
- MacOS X integration
- Rendesvous and TCP/IP connections
- AddressBook syncing
- [BlueTooth stack]
- [XML and HTML parsing, HTTP libraries]
- [Java VM]
- [Wiki]

Not a bad time to be a Newton owner!

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A good hurt

Saturday night John and I went out in West LA, both of us single again but still very much licking our wounds. For whatever reason, Guinness has been doing nothing for me, but Boddington's is like getting sucker punched. That night was something of a learning experience, and ended with a random girl buying me a Soft Taco Supreme and later me falling asleep still far too buzzed.

And oh, did I feel it the next day!

It took hours to wake up, and hours to feel human after that. But it was a good kind of hurt.

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Duck! It's NBC!

Saturday Kaley came by and wanted to know if I'd join her [kiteboarding] at the beach. That was a surprise.

After we finally got the parafoil inflated several news helicopters showed up and refused to leave. Unfortunately, they were taking advantage of the fact that over water they don't have a minimum altitude restriction, so there was a real chance of catching more than wind in the surf. We ended up just talking about a lot of nothing for a while before packing things up. Which was nice.

The coolest thing about Kaley is that she asks questions. Not a lot of people seem to these days.

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