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Friday, April 04, 2003

I'm an asshole


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Thursday, April 03, 2003

Finally I correctly remembered the name of Chris's latest project- Truth in Design.
If you have a PocketPC, they have some cool ass stuff for you.

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Finally I correctly remembered the name of Chris's latest project- .
If you have a PocketPC, they have some cool ass stuff for you.

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More High Powered Wireless Goodness!

Chris de Vidal was nice enough to leave [a comment] here pointing me to [foreversky], who seems to have every utility and firmware version you could want for the EnGenius/Senao hardware.

For whatever reason, I couldn't see the comment till today via haloscan, though haloscan does have comment RSS feeds now, which seems to work better than just looking on here.

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This summer Chelle and I might find time to take a course at the [California Sushi Academy], which is walking distance from home. They offer a 1 day course which sounds like fun- even if she doesn't really like anything but California rolls. There's an article today on [kuro5hin] about [how to make your own sushi at home] that seems interesting if you just want to try it yourself and don't have access to a sushi cooking class in your area.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

[A while back] I mentioned the Millenium Challenge exercise, which was a war game that simulated a modern war with Iraq a few months ago. The red team commander, who was simulating the Iraqi forces, used tactics such as instead of modern telecommunications he had motorcycle couriers moving messages inside the theater - which, according to [CENTCOM] today, is exactly [what is happening]
General Franks:In one particular encounter, UK forces captured a motorcycle courier. And this is a classic example of developing the situation on the battlefield and creating military advantage. The motorcycle and crew had maps in their possession that showed artillery positions. The UK forces went to find the artillery positions, found them, destroyed all the artillery, and also found three Ababil-100 missiles and destroyed them as well.

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A better computer

See, [this guy] knows what I really want from MacOS X. Live search folders like Copland or BeOS, a Finder that actually has consistent behavior, etc. Apple, in their infinite wisdom, has closed off most of the Finder to outside development. There are a couple of attempts out there to do a better Finder, most of them in Cocoa (the Finder is Carbon), though none I've seen so far that have the MacOS 8.x Finder's consistency. [Unsanity] does have an [API] that kinda lets you patch applications on the fly, and they use it to add [Label capabilities] to the Finder. Too bad they don't have sample for doing that using their API- with that kind of extensibility I could easily add plug in support for showing ID3 tags and such in Finder views.

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Californians: Register now for the [National Do-Not-Call list] to take advantage of new state and federal laws governing the conduct of telemarketers.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Making money the "easy" way

Well, can't say I hadn't thought of [this] before, but those darn laws of thermodynamics still get in the way.

The laws of thermodynamics were summed up by C.P. Snow:
1. You cannot win (that is, you cannot get something for nothing, because matter and energy are conserved).

2. You cannot break even (you cannot return to the same energy state, because there is always an increase in disorder; entropy always increases).

3. You cannot get out of the game (because absolute zero is unattainable).

Since you can't create or destroy matter, travelling back in time sure does seem impossible still. If you travelled back in time, your atoms would exist twice in the time period you travelled to!

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[This poll] is interesting. 63% of the respondants said they had an unfavorable view of war protesters.

Now I certainly have nothing against civil disobedience. It can be very effective when done properly, and frankly I think that a structured program of non violent civil disobedience could solve a lot of problems in Palestine.

But some of these war protests in the West are more than just counterproductive. The other day I talked with my parents in San Francisco (what the Russians call "a hotbed of radicalism") and they mentioned some of the protests in SF. The SFPD is very much used to crowd control in situations like those, and they do a very good job - but a lot of these protests are getting out of hand. And what are they really accomplishing? They don't seem to be furthering the cause of peace. They don't seem to be swaying public opinion. Instead the average person watching the news sees financial districts shut down and broken windows when protests get out of hand. You're only working against your cause.

If someone could publically make a good, logical case for ending hostilities they would probably get a lot of attention. Sadly, no one has. I've yet to hear any kind of compelling argument for not going after Saddam.

Seeing protesters on the evening news saying we should be out of Iraq because of "human rights" doesn't help. The person interviewed on the news went on about how the United States is killing children, etc. Somehow it's not right for the United States to do something, but if the child's government who kills him, his family, or rapes his sister because of their religious beliefs, their ancestry, or just bad luck, sure that's ok. That's what the protester was saying to me.

Me, I support the war against ignorance, thanks.

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Cubes are designed so that screams don't echo...

I have been trying for weeks to get away and go someplace for a tiny vacation, just to get out of town since work is driving me nuts. Originally I wanted to go to Mexico, but hey, with that whole conflict overseas thing going on it didn't seem like the best idea. So I looked at Vegas, and the only time they had reasonable rates was around RIGHT NOW, and because my coworkers and colleagues are completely inconsiderate and inept, their schedule changes prevented me from not only even trying to get a reservation, but have me sitting here waiting for them to fix things and get their act together so I can have some idea when I might be able to breathe again.

Was that enough of a run on sentence?

So that has me a tad pissed off. And that was just the beginning. Since that whole comedy of errors started I've gotten several other piles of trouble dropped on me, so now I'm just stuck in a rut of depression. At some point things will be better, but until then I'm stuck in several bad places. Who knows what will happen.

On a brighter note, I wonder how you would use [the iGrill], since it's network connected and all the idea is that you can remotely tell it to start cooking when you leave work or whatever.... I suppose you would put something out on it to defrost in the morning before you leave.
Odd idea though. [Networked coke machines] are still cooler.

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Sunday, March 30, 2003

I bet you can't do [this] in Iraq. Dictators suck.

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